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CupCheck is America’s newest backyard, beach, campground and tailgate home run game! Founded by four Major League Baseball players in 2016, the game aims to bring people together through it's team oriented interactive disc throwing. The company had mainly relied on in-person activation events on college campuses and sporting events to sell games. Once, the pandemic hit, they needed a new sales strategy and fast. 

Founder & CEO Emily Nelson led a deep-dive audience analysis workshop with CupCheck's marketing team to hone in on the company's target consumer. CupCheck had been focusing on college co-eds and MLB baseball fans comprised mostly of male sports enthusiasts in the 18-45 age bracket. Through A/B testing and extensive market research, Emily expanded the company's target audience to include busy mom's with teenage children looking for a fun outdoor game to play with friends and family. Identifying the "right" consumer was crucial in developing the next phase of CupCheck's media strategy: a social storytelling campaign. Emily and the Ace Media video production team crafted a visual story to captivate CupCheck's new target audience and combined this with a national PR campaign. In addition, Emily performed hands-on media training with CupCheck's CEO to prepare him with the proper messaging, branding and tone to conduct top notch media interviews.

Ace Media launched a multi-media and PR campaign that resulted in 20 national local television news placements and a social media ad campaign that generated a 353% increase in sales and 20x year-over-year top line growth. 

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